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The cheapest rental fee in Helsinki metropolitan area! No hidden costs! Able to use with B driving license.

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  • What are the dimensions of the trailer?

    Kärryn mitat

  • Who can use

    Anyone with driving license B is allowed to use –service. We highly recommend at least one-year driving experience.

  • Where can I find –trailer?

    Antaksentie 6, Vantaa, Retail Park. Check the map.

  • How do I attach and detach the trailer to a car?

    1) Check the trailer with a checklist. If you notice any shortcomings or dents etc. and please report them immediately to rental service, which takes care of the necessary precautions before using the trailer. We highly recommend taking a picture if possible.

    2) Open the lock and take it with you. Remember to lock the trailer if it is not attached to a car.

    3) Reverse your car close to a trailer’s drawbar but be careful not to damage your car or trailer

    4) Pick up the hind poles by loosening the clamps, raising it upright position and tightening them securely. Please mind using excessive force.

    5) Attach the trailer to a tow hook and use cable (if there is one) around it. Place the Place the slot of the fastening mechanism above the towing hook. Pull the lever up and lower the fastening mechanism in place by rotating the crank anticlockwise. Or you can simply use your hands if you are strong enough. Then release the lever and the fastening mechanism snaps to towing hook firmly. Appropriately attached, the lever is parallel to the drawbar. Make sure the trailer is properly attached to lifting the drawbar.

    6) Rotate the crank clockwise until front wheel is as high positioned as possible. After that raise the whole front wheel even higher and tighten it well. Make sure it does not touch the ground during transportation.

    7) Plug the power cord into the car’s power outlet. Make sure they match. If not, you may use an adapter. Check the lights are functional

    8) Pay attention especially in steep turns. Reversing with trailer is challenging Drive safely!

    9) Reverse or simply push the trailer manually to parking spot

    10) Disconnect the power cord from a car. Remember NOT to pull from the cord but the plug.

    11) Lower the front wheel by rotating the crank anticlockwise and pull the lever to detach the trailer. NOTE! There may be a little trigger under the lever, which needs to be pressed while pulling the lever.

    12) Lower the hind poles and tighten them.

    13) Make sure the trailer does not wander off and use wedges on wheels if necessary. Some trailers have front wheel brake under the fastening mechanism. The front wheel may be lowered to the iron (brake) by rotating the crank.

    14) NOTE!
    a. The speed limit is 80km/hour when the trailer is attached
    b. The trailer’s maximum height is 2,2m. (garages etc.)
    c. The trailer weighs almost 400 kg empty. The maximum allowed total weight of cargo and trailer is 750 kg. Thus, the trailer may be loaded up to 350 kg.

  • Can I book the trailer for more than one day?

    Yes, you can book the trailer for maximum 7 days in a row.

  • Whose insurances is valid for the rental of a trailer?

    The driver is responsible all the damages occurred while towing the trailer. –trailers are insured, and customer’s excess is 200€. You can also buy a carefree removal of excess with 10€ additional cost. Please introduce yourself to a term of service from here.

  • What to do when the transportation abruptly interrupts or in case of an accident?

    Make sure the trailer is not causing danger to yourself and others. Make all the necessary precautions (the warning triangle etc.). Investigate the damage and see whether you can continue transportation If not, you can call a number 0503849469. Report the all the damages to rental service.