About us

The founders of the venture are a group of entrepreneurs equipped with years-long experience in the transportation and car industry, and business service development.

The founders are committed to a modern business harnessed with good spirit and intentions. By keeping the cost structure in check, the company does not need to increase turnover at one go but instead counts on long-term relationships as a foundation for business. The purpose is to create a situation where each party gets a cut of the cake: Advertiser massive outdoor visibility, consumer (or whoever needs is) an affordable transportation method and our pleasure to provide the groundbreaking service and value for everyone.



Fiksuveto.fi is transportation service concept and outdoor advertising media. The idea of the service is to provide the most economical means of transport in the Helsinki metropolitan area and mobile outdoor advertising media with the highest quality equipment on the market.

We, the founders grew tired of high costs in moving things (furniture). It sounded unreasonable to rent a van each time there is need to move things around (sofas etc.). As entrepreneurs, we understood the value of advertising and correlation between brand awareness and growth of turnover. However, the massive costs of outdoor advertising seemed to keep small-timers at bay. We figured out how to combine the low-cost transportation and outdoor media into a single service product that is satisfying each party. Pay it Forward!