How to use trailer properly


Below you can instructions for convenient trailer use!


Make sure the trailer’s license number matches with the checklist you received. There are similar trailers around Helsinki metropolitan area.

Check the trailer by using the checklist before using the trailer.

Please follow instructions below to use trailer safely:

Take the locking mechanism with you and always use it when trailer is not attached to a car

Secure the trailer with cable before attaching the trailer to a towing hook if there is one.

Attach the trailer to the car’s hook either by lifting it manually or by using a front wheel’s crank that raises and lowers the front of the trailer. Make sure the fastening handle snaps firmly on the hook. Make sure the trailer is securely fastened by lifting the drawbar.

Rotate the crank clockwise until front wheel is as high positioned as possible. After that raise the whole front wheel even higher and tighten it well. Make sure it does not touch the ground during transportation.

Plug the power cord into the car’s power outlet. Make sure they match. If not, you may use an adapter. Check the lights are functional

Lift the hind poles and lock them in the upright position.

Loading and unloading the trailer

Always make sure the hind poles are in downright position while loading and unloading the trailer.

The trailer weighs almost 400 kg empty. The maximum allowed total weight of cargo and trailer is 750 kg. Thus, the trailer may be loaded up to 350 kg.

Always load the heaviest goods in the front part of the trailer. It is possible to use attachment rings on the floor of the trailer to secure the cargo if necessary.

Please note that the fully loaded trailer is difficult to handle.

The trailer has no brakes. It is recommended to keep the trailer attached to a car while loading and unloading it.

Issues to consider when driving with the trailer

The speed limit is 80km/hour when trailer is attached

The maximum height of trailer is 2.2 meters.

Pay attention especially in steep turns. Drive safely!

Returning the trailer

The trailer is returned according to the terms of the rental agreement, at the same place it was rented.

Some trailers have front wheel brake under the fastening mechanism. The front wheel may be lowered to the iron (brake) by rotating the crank.

Lower the hind poles and tighten them to the downright position.

Always make sure the trailer stays immobile. It is possible to put wedges on tires to make sure the trailer stays stationary.