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Terms of use

I. Use of the trailer

The rented trailer is the renter’s responsibility and may only be used by the renter. The trailer may only be used within the Finnish borders unless otherwise agreed. The renter is responsible for complying with the current regulations on the rented trailer and its use as well as parking regulations. The renter is responsible for any parking allowance violations or other costs. The trailer may include a functioning GPS receiver.

II. Handling of the trailer

The renter must take good care of the trailer. The renter is responsible for damages caused by negligent or intentional behavior. In case of mishap or accident, the renter is not allowed to repair the trailer him/herself. Possible damages occurred to a renter’s car are at renter’s own risk.

III. insurance Terms

The rented trailer is fully covered by a € 200.
(in case of damages the payment of the deductible is paid to Fiksuveto Oy)

IV. Return of rented trailer

The rented trailer should be returned to the same location as it has been picked up. Fiksuveto Oy has the right to charge a rental compensation* and, if necessary, to claim compensation to Fiksuveto Oy for damages caused by a renter. The cost of retrieving and transferring the trailer left outside the agreed location will be charged to the renter.

The trailer is inspected for possible damages after returning the trailer. The damages caused by renter Fiksuveto Oy will charge the renter (maximum deductible 200 €).

When a trailer is returned, an inspection will be carried out, and the equipment is accompanying the trailer will be returned. If the renter returns the trailer outside the customer service hours, the renter will perform the above-mentioned inspection on his/her own, and Fiksuveto Oy will perform the inspection afterward.

* The rental compensation is 100 € for each 24 hour period.